Chartered Surveyor’s work involves skills:

•  Problem solving
•  Advising
•  Measuring
•  Valuing
•  Planning
•  Developing
•  Negotiating

•  Decision making
•  Managing
•  Estimating
•  Costing
•  Mapping
•  Marketing
The history of the Azmi Group of Companies goes back to 1978 when a sole proprietorship under the name of Azmi & Company was first set up upon the dissolution of the professional partnership of Lee & Azmi - Chartered Surveyors.
The following year in May 1979, an association was formed between Azmi & Company and Smiths Gore International Limited as a partnership practising under the name of Azmi Smiths Gore. In May 1982, the practice of Azmi Smiths Gore was incorporated as a limited company and practised under the name of Azmi & Co Sdn Bhd.
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